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As winter turns to spring, the sun begins to shine, temperatures rise and so too does the wind from the north.

The regular aircraft operating from Essendon start to swell with an increase in air traffic and a reduction in parking space. In the skies around the Central Business District (CBD) of Melbourne, more fixed and rotary aircraft take the opportunity to show others the city at close quarters.

Following is a list of aircraft that I have heard in and around Essendon.

AIX       1981 Cessna 172RG
BLM      1999 Bombardier CL600
BSV      2005 Cessna 172S
CHZ      1974 Cessna 172M
DAX     1995 Van’s RV4
DDK      1978 Piper PA-28-161
DDS       2005 Cessna 182T
EOD       2005 Cessna 172S
EOR       2006 Cessna 172S
EVR       1997 Cessna 172R
FOX      2012 August AW109SP   Helicopter
HJV       2009 Cirrus SR20
HRM    2001 Robinson R22 Beta   Helicopter
JVH      1973 Bell 206B
KXX      2008 Eurocopter EC120B
LEP        1998 Bombardier BD700
LSP        2004 Cessna 172S
MDQ    2012 Eurocopter AS350B3
MDN      1977 Beech 58
MGV      1977 Piper PA-28-151
MZD       1980 Maule M-5-235C
NRA      2004 Piper PA-28-161
NCG       1974 Cessna T210L
ONE       1973 Bell 206B
OVC        1980 Fairchild SA-226-T
OVM       1943 Douglas DC-3-R-1830
PHU       1982 Aerospatiale AS350BA
PPQ        1995 Dornier 328-100
RCR        1994 Piper PA-28-181
RNZ      2004 Robinson R44 II
TBL         1980 Cessna 172N
TMQ        1944 Douglas DC3R-1830-90C
TYD        2009 PA-28-161
TXH        2009 PA-28-161
VAD        2010 Hawker Beechcraft B200C
VAE        2010 Hawker Beechcraft B200C
VBX        1981 Bell 206B (III)
XDZ        2007 Robinson R44 II
XUM      2006 Augusta 109E
YXD        2000 Cessna 172R
ZFK        2011 Eurocopter EC225LP
ZMM       2007 Piper PA-46-350P

VH-FOX spools up for taxi YMEN DSCF7019 compressed doc

VH-FOX (callsign FOX1) spools up and begins its taxi for takeoff from the Northern Pad

     It is great to see not 1 but 2 Douglas DC-3 aircraft still flying today, as I have fond memories as a child of the 60’s seeing many more of these grand birds, some in Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) livery.

   The Cessna 172 and its variants is certainly the most popular aircraft type heard.

  Helicopters of various sizes and shapes are also represented well (highlighted) and this number will increase as the summer fire danger period approaches when a number of dedicated fire helicopters will return to be based at Essendon.

   One of my favourite aircraft is Dornier DO328, VH-PPQ. This aircraft is operated by AMSA providing search and rescue capability when needed. It is a magnificent aircraft to see and listen to when it spools up.  This is normally parked at the southern end of the Essendon main terminal, with crews ready to deploy at short notice.

Photographs used on this blog have been taken with my Fuji S200EXR. More of my photographs can be seen on

VH-PPQ Turning left onto taxiway YMEN 9980 compressed doc

Dornier 328 VH-PPQ returns from a sortie and taxi’s off Runway 35 following landing.

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