Essendon (YMEN) calling

December 13, 2016 by admin

Melbourne (Essendon) airport (YMEN) is a very busy airport, hosting medium to small private jets, regular public transport services, pilot training, emergency response (police/ambulance airwing) and helicopter traffic amidst a growing commercial complex.

Essendon Airport operates 24 hours, however the Tower is operational during the following hours:

Monday to Friday from 0600-2200 local time

Saturday 0700-2200local time.

Sunday 0700-2200 local time.

Outside these hours control service is available from Melbourne approach.

The following are frequencies of interest for the keen aircraft listener:                              

CLEARANCE TOWER CLOSED              118.45                                                                                 ATIS (Aerodrome Terminal Information System)                             119.8
GROUND                                                                              121.9
Victoria Police (Search and Rescue liaison)                      123.1
Victoria Police (Search and Rescue Liaison)                    123.2
TOWER                                      125.1
GAM                                             126.4
SHARP airlines                          127.47
Pearson Aviation                      128.9
Executive Airlines (Engineering)                  129.55
AUSJET (Australian Jet)                                 129.625
AERO FUELS                           129.9
Essendon Executive                         130.6
Execujet                                               131.1
Victoria Police air – ground                              131.6
Jet City                                           131.7
Shortstop jet charter                 135.95

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